Wabi Sabi Presents ‘The Love Insane’

If you’re seeking material that is insanely original, then Wabi Sabi’s ‘The Love Insane’ is your first-class ticket.  This is the fourth album release for Wabi Sabi and offers something for everyone. With a wide
variety of elements and a pure collision of different musical genres, Wabi Sabi truly is a breath of fresh air.

Damien Carter is the mastermind behind Wabi Sabi and he has compiled an eclectic mix of talented musicians to make up the band. The idea behind the name Wabi Sabi actually was inspired by a “King Of The Hill” episode and the rest is history. With an all-around sound that can’t be labeled, Wabi Sabi’s ‘The Love Insane’ is sure to entertain listeners from all walks of life.

The record kicks off with a song titled “The Truth” that is low-key yet has a BIG impact right out of the gates. “The Truth” is lyrically strong and musically rich as Wabi Sabi speaks volumes on this single.  Heading into “I Am OK” next where you get a funktastic jam for the ages! “I Am OK” is so much fun to listen to and full of life as bright notes fill the airwaves. I would have to say this song is better than “OK”,
it is freaking awesome! Track three, “Manifest”, is well-written and well-played from start to finish.  Listeners will be jivin’ along to the cool groove on “Manifest” as Wabi Sabi is in the zone and bringin’ the
heat. Wabi Sabi presents the title track next, “The Love Insane”, which comes complete with a slowed-down tempo and soft tone. “The Love Insane” has a profound effect on the audience by way of dynamite vocals & music. Time to enjoy a “New Life” next where vibrant sparks are flying, so just push play and don’t look back. Get ready to move ‘n’ groove to the catchy beat on “Not Yet, Sister” where Wabi Sabi delivers the goods. Track seven, “Sick Tuna”, provides a ska-like element that is simply infectious and enjoyable to hear. Take “The Fall” now where a wonderful hook catches your attention immediately.  “The Fall” is a super sweet sonic sensation that will knock your socks off!  Moving along, Wabi Sabi delivers a strong performance on “Please Rescue Me” where everything is out in the open.

Track 10, “Spacetime”, is ready for take off and has us thinking Houston we have a Hit! The stars are out on “Spacetime” as you prepare for an out-of-this-world journey that will exhilarate your senses. Wabi Sabi ends the album way out in left field on “The Weirdo Blues” and there is no shame in the game. “The Weirdo Blues” is highly original and an entertaining yet peculiar mix that wraps around your ears.

Wabi Sabi’s ‘The Love Insane’ is insanely good and one that definitely deserves a thorough listen. The motto on the group’s page says it all where Wabi Sabi says its music is “Hard to describe. Easy to listen
to”. That statement sums it up for me because I had so much fun listening to ‘The Love Insane’ but I wouldn’t dare try to categorise it. I look forward to more inventive material from Wabi Sabi and I
sincerely respect a band that has no restrictions or limitations musically. Push play on ‘The Love Insane’ and let your mind wander as Wabi Sabi plays for the love of music. JDR

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