We Three Unveil New Music Video For ’50 Shades of Pink’

We Three’s fan favourite pop track ‘50 Shades of Pink’ is back with a new video in celebration of their third album ‘Happy’s physical release in the UK. A song that touches on themes of rejection and loneliness, the trio look to expand their American success with the melodic pop hit.

Vibrant neon tones and stunning visuals are found on the new music video, the perfect accompaniment to their sharp alt-pop production and heart-on-sleeve lyricism. Wanting to focus on intensely personal tracks for their latest album, We Three have been on a meteoric rise reaching over 168 million streams as they prepare for a European tour that includes a date at London’s Heaven.

Manny Humlie, the band’s frontman and primary songwriter said: “’50 Shades of Pink’ has always felt like a dream to me. A dream I didn’t want to end.” He continues: “I wanted this song to be bursting with chaotic obsessive energy, like that moment you drink too much and start saying exactly how you feel!”