Wes Chiller presents fulfilling and ambient oceanic single “Found at Sea”

Wes Chiller is set to make waves with his upcoming release, “Found at Sea,” a song that not only encapsulates the spirit of Venice Beach but also serves as the True North of Dead Man’s Luau, a groundbreaking Chillerverse music festival. This single, officially dropping on October 27, 2023, is more than just music; it’s a mentality. It embodies the idea that no matter where you roam, you’ll always find yourself.

Inked back in 2017 alongside Jake Joseph of Dead Gringos, “Found at Sea” takes us on a seafaring journey through Venice Beach, a place where the spirit of the ocean collides with the influence of Silicon Beach. For Chiller, a native of a town transformed by the surfing industry, this theme strikes close to home. The song has evolved over the years, thanks to a collaborative effort with Pink Skies. The result is a musical backdrop that not only captures the essence of Dead Man’s Luau but also serves as an immersion into the world of liquid tales.

“Found at Sea,” produced by Pink Skies and co-produced by Wes Chiller, is a 2-minute and 51-second voyage that spans the realms of Surf Rock, Indie Rock, and Alternative Rock. Its lyrics serve as a litmus test for the humanity that thrives in various coastal cities, reflecting the eclectic experiences of coastal dwellers.

Dead Man’s Luau isn’t just a music festival; it’s an otherworldly concert environment brought to life by Chiller’s music. It promises to transport attendees to shipwrecked scenes, offering an immersive experience that’s equal parts unique and exciting. But it doesn’t stop at the music and atmosphere; it carries a powerful message with it. A portion of the festival’s proceeds will support Maui Wild Fire Relief and Surfer’s Healing, organizations that make a real impact by empowering kids living with autism through the art of surfing.

Festival-goers are encouraged to embrace the Luau theme by donning tattered attire, creating a sense of unity while leaving a positive footprint. “Found at Sea” is more than a song; it’s a journey, a mindset, and a story that beckons you to explore the endless horizons of the Chillerverse. Wes Chiller’s music carries the essence of the coast, with a deep message that reverberates far beyond the shore.

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