‘When The Lights Went Out’ sees Bailey Tomkinson deliver her unique Kernowfornia sound

Bailey Tomkinson has been dubbed “Britains Answer to Taylor Swift”” by The Daily Mail.

Her new release ‘When The Lights Went Out’ sees Bailey Tomkinson showcase a west coast Kernowfornia sound all of her own.

Bailey explains that her previous single was much more a political song so the music letting the message breathe was important but with ‘When The Lights Went Out’, she let loose musically a bit more.

‘When The Lights Went Out’ is a song about those times when you think you’re in a relationship but the other party doesn’t.

“A lot of people have had that experience where you’re messaging somebody, thinking it’s going well, only to find he’s talking to 3 other girls at the same time so I hope it will resonate with people’s own personal experiences.”

She goes onto explain that “It’s more of a Killers style anthem this time. It’s the first record I took the band into the studio with me on, and that’s contributed to a bigger, fuller, rockier, vibe.”

‘When The Lights Went Out’ sees Bailey Tomkinson deliver her trademark pop vocals alongside catchy and upbeat melodic hooks, all of which come together as part of her unique Kernowfornia sound.