‘World Goes Round’: A Rediscovered 80’s Musical Time Capsule

Comprised of Frank Musker, Elizabeth Lamers, Jeff Hull, and Marty Walsh, World Goes Round is a collective of esteemed songwriters, vocalists, and instrumentalists. Originating in Los Angeles in 1989, the band swiftly embarked on recording their inaugural studio album under the guidance of acclaimed producer Tommy Vicari (known for his work with Billy Idol and Prince). Since the release of their entrancing and politically engaged album (ahead of its time), we are shining a light on this under-the-radar powerhouse in the music industry…

Recorded at Frank’s renowned studio in Laurel Canyon, World Goes Round garnered attention through collaborations with prominent musicians such as Queen, Chaka Khan, John Denver, and Brenda Russell. The romantic partnership between Frank and Elizabeth infused their collaborative efforts with a passionate and distinctive energy, leading to the creation of Queen’s Brian May hit single “Too Much Love Will Kill You.” This achievement earned them the prestigious UK Ivor Novello Award for “Best Song Musically and Lyrically.”

Despite having recorded a full album’s worth of material in 1989, internal conflicts among band members prevented its release. Officially revived by Tommy and assisted by Bill Smith, the duo meticulously restored and remastered the old tapes, transforming them into a polished final product. In 2020, the band finally released a re-mastered version of this long-forgotten treasure, restoring some of the original tracks, dusting them off and bringing them back to life in all of their full glory. Take a listen to discover World Goes Round for yourself here on Spotify:

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