Worship Singer Katy Weirich Showcases Strength Amidst Struggle on ‘Blue Jay’

Candidly recounting her “darkest time,” Weirich’s newest release is a story of hope and the goodness of God.

Christian singer-songwriter Katy Weirich showcases strength amidst struggle in her newest release, ‘Blue Jay.’ Singing about her experience with severe postpartum depression and anxiety after her second child, Weirich recalls a feeling of utter hopelessness. “I was nearly hospitalized and was having panic attacks causing me to collapse and I longed to go to sleep and not wake up,” she explains. The song recounts her hardship as she pleads to God for a ‘glimpse of you.’ As expected, God delivered, and never in the way she expected. After a lengthy period of time during her recovery she began to see blue jays at just the right time in her day-to-day activities that would give her a glimpse of strength and encouragement to persevere. When on a trip in Scotland after her recovery, Weirich remembers seeing an entire flock of blue jays, which finally inspired her to write this song. She says the blue jays signified to her “a hug from God and a tangible reminder that He saw me where I was and that I just had to keep going and to trust that He was right there beside me and would not leave.” As Weirich gains strength, the song builds momentum. “You are carrying me, sustaining me. You are healing me, I will be free” she sings with rising confidence throughout the rest of the song.