XINA releases new single and music video for ‘Lullaby by Whitenoise’

Art-pop singer-songwriter XINA has returned with her first release of the year ‘Lullaby by Whitenoise’, which marks the first track from her upcoming debut album. The single weaves together intricate synths with guitar melodies, as XINA lends her dreamy vocals to stream-of-consciousness lyricism. Accompanying the record is a cinematic music video, which follows the song’s story of finding empowerment and self-love.

XINA reveals: “Lullaby came from a place of desperation and forced acceptance of what my heart desired but could not obtain. It was very much a psychedelic stream of consciousness. In hindsight I found that it speaks to my inner child, a mixed kid who grew up in the suburbs of Minnesota. All of my crushes growing up were white boys who never paid me any attention. I’m grateful that this forced me to craft my own self-worth. Trying to convince someone to love me who did not see me in the same way caused me a lot of pain and self-deprecation. I think a lot of people have been there.”

Minneapolis-based XINA’s following has grown in recent times due to her presence in the pole dancing community. She recently released a DIY project called Candyland, seeking to marry her music with her newfound passion for dance. Her highly-anticipated debut, the self-produced album PUSH/PULL, will follow a similar trend as XINA continues to share her unbounded creativity, artistry and talent with the world. We can’t wait to hear more.