Yali Blank releases the percussive single ‘Nobody 2 Luv’

Photo by Matan Meirson & Raz Sintova

Israeli electronic pioneer Yali Blank brings a unique new voice to electro-pop. Studying classical piano throughout her life, Yali brings this intricate knowledge to her contemporary compositional style, showcasing a talent for production and sound design. Enticing fans with expansive live performances and writing for leading brands and media stations, Yali balances her rising star status with industry recognition.

The artist’s latest release is ‘Nobody 2 Luv’, opening the track with glowing, raw vocals laid over percussive bass line plucks and light, almost reserved synth chords. As the percussion pushes the envelope further, with panned hits pulling the listener across the frequency spectrum, Yali’s vocals remain steadfast, embracing the eclectic production around her as even her vocals begin to be transformed. Entering into an ethereal and dreamy bridge, the high-octane are held back for just a moment, before bursting into life with melodic and bright synths flourishing into the soundscape.

Yali shares, “‘Nobody 2 Luv’ is about the journey of self-search and the moment of clarity when I realised that I don’t need anyone but myself. It’s a declaration of independence and self-love in the face of uncertainty.”

‘Nobody 2 Luv’ is out now!