YAMAN enlists Robbie Rosen for ‘Just Friends’ via Esc. Records

A highly promising and talented musician, YAMAN used to be a beatbox artist, performing and battling around Asia before kicking off a successful career in dance music. Staying overly consistent yet versatile with his releases, YAMAN has supported the likes of Headhunterz, Showtek, Da Tweekaz, San Holo, Mike Perry, SayMyName, Crankdat, and Yellow Claw live, all while building a strong international fanbase.

For his latest release, YAMAN is teaming up with acclaimed singer and songwriter Robbie Rosen for “Just Friends,” out via Esc. Records, a self-described “bedroom based record label” who emphasise the value of promoting rising and undiscovered talent. Having amassed over 7 million streams while becoming nationally known as a Top 16 Finalist on Season 10 of American Idol, Robbie Rosen undoubtedly knows how to deliver an infectious topline. His captivating songwriting and storytelling gives a lot of flavour to the track, while YAMAN’s production moves from radio-friendly pop vibes to dancefloor-ready melodies and grooves.