YME has just released ‘Come Closer’ which showcases her distinctive style, firmly rooted in the realms of electronic and pop genres

YME also known as Ymkje de Bijl, is an artist based in Venlo, The Netherlands.

Her music straddles the line between a wide range of styles.

Her music combines the edge of electro with the melody of alternative pop, finding the perfect balance between these different styles and making for a truly unique formula.

Although she was diagnosed with autism from a very early age, she has always been passionate about music, as she grew up in a musical family with parents who were artists.

Her mom was actually in a successful group named Ottawan, which recorded various hits in the 1980s.

To this day, the band has over one million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, and it also features production work from Daniel Banghalter, whose son is Thomas Banghalter from Daft Punk.

‘Come Closer’ begins with the stirring vocals of YME and we are then introduced to catchy and energetic dance beats, all of which add to the upbeat nature of the track as infectious melodies are unleashed to guide us to the dance floor.

Drawing influences from renowned artists such as Disclosure, Calvin Harris, Zedd, Martin Garrix and Avicii, YME has crafted a truly unique sound characterized by their exceptional vocal presence and a mixture of energetic and relaxed moods.

This blend of instrumentation takes listeners on an uplifting musical journey, evoking feelings of euphoria and leaving an indelible mark on their senses.