Ziyaad Luceō tackles romantic reflections in latest EP “Our Time Together”

R&B singer/songwriter Ziyaad Luceō is back with his latest EP “Our Time Together,” out now. The EP is a blend of Luceō’s signature, soul-infused sound and contemporary beats, focused on his confessional lyricism. Across three tracks, he takes the listener on a melodic journey of romantic reflections set to his radio-ready vocals. Fans of The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and Joji should be sure to tune in to both his ballads and uptempo offerings.

Based in Canada, Ziyaad Aswan-Rowan has been releasing music under the name Ziyaad Luceō since 2019. Along with his knack for songwriting, his hypnotic voice immediately encompasses the listener, paired perfectly with tight production skills. He has amassed millions of streams over the course of his career, and worked across the industry – from local, Toronto radio stations, to features in Wordplay and Earmilk. Both press and fans have gravitated towards his sound for its honesty and beauty.

Lead single “If I Tell You Something” stands out. With 808s, synths, and an intriguing keyboard melody, the track was born through collaboration with the artist and producer Hussain Ali. Working with Ali’s demo, the pair bottled the spontaneity of their brainstorming and developed an infectious hit that oscillates between smooth breakdowns and a staccato, singable pre-chorus. “If I tell you something, I can’t live without you,” Luceō confesses.

After a year of intensive re-working, the project is finally ready to share. Luceō is aware that the title of EP can be interpreted as alluding to a past relationship. “Yet, this is a feeling that still lives,” he shares. “I’ve been trying to create a fluent storyline that the listener can enjoy and see the growth of the character throughout the album. Overall, this project symbolizes a new tomorrow: a reason to be hopeful.”