ZUSO Illuminates with ‘Crystal Lights’

Lights flicker, melodies dance, and the atmosphere is electrified as Australian producer Gabriel Cuenca, under his project alias ZUSO, unveils his latest sonic creation, ‘Crystal Lights’.

ZUSO’s musical journey is one of innovation and exploration, blending Progressive-house with Breakbeat and Drum & Bass elements to create a sound that defies conventions. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Rufus Du Sol, Lane 8, and Tourist, ZUSO’s music is a fusion of genre-bending brilliance.

In recent months, ZUSO has enchanted audiences with singles like ‘In The Dark’ and ‘Hold Me’, released via Sydney collective LOVE CLVB in partnership with the globally renowned label, Sweat It Out. Now, as he prepares to embark on the next phase of his musical odyssey, ZUSO gifts us with ‘Crystal Lights’ – a shimmering beacon of  escapism.

‘Crystal Lights’ was an idea that came about pretty naturally,” shares Gabriel. “I wrote the song pretty quickly and feel it represents the ZUSO sound quite well. I actually took a bit of inspiration from one of my past ep’s ‘Lost In Time’ with this one and wanted to bring those feelings of escapism and vivid imagery back. It’s definitely a song you can get lost in and let go of all worries too, and I hope it has the same effect for everyone who listens.

Prepare to be entranced as ZUSO unveils ‘Crystal Lights’ – a testament to the power of music to transport, to uplift, and to illuminate the soul.