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A stunning mural honouring the late Mac Miller has appeared in Brooklyn

A poignant mural of the late Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller has appeared in Brooklyn, New York.

The dual-toned portrait is a collaboration between Venice artist BKFoxx and Bushwick collective JMZ Walls.

The mural, titled “Filters” is tinted blue on it’s left side and red on it’s right, representing how some people may hide their struggles behind a fake exterior.

Speaking to Complex, BKFoxx said: “(The piece) is meant to be a representation of how we are complex and can be more than one thing at the same time. We can show one face to the world while hiding another. Something I find helpful to be aware of when thinking about other people.”

“I think Mac Miller’s death had been kind of overlooked. It was such a shitty thing, he was only 26. And when someone ODs, it hurts,” The artist continued, “Because in my generation, there’s been so much of it, we’re so used to burying friends and family members for that reason. And because I think to myself, how bad is living in this world for you that you just can’t? Especially as an artist—I can say from experience it’s really difficult to be creative in a society that values money and trends more than culture and real individuality.”

Miller was found dead on the 7th of September, 2018 inside his San Fernando Valley home from an accidental overdose at just 26 years old.

The piece, which was finished in late January just after what would have been Miller’s 27th birthday, can be found at 1065 Broadway in Brooklyn.

Photo via Instagram (Bestbet_Images)

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