Arcade Fire to release new music tonight and sign to Columbia Records

Arcade Fire to release new music tonight and sign to Columbia Records

Arcade Fire will release new track ‘Everything Now‘ on tonight.

The band confirmed on Facebook that the full track will be released tonight on BBC Radio 1. A version of the track is now available online via a recording taken in a Barcelona record store. In addition to this, 12″ vinyl copies are being sold at Primavera Sound Festival, where the band will perform on Saturday night. A clip of ‘Everything Now‘, above, is available on a YouTube channel which is connected to a Twitter account that appears to be a Russian spambot. The account seems to be dropping updates and clues to Arcade Fire news.

This comes after a similar looking Twitter account (which now no longer exists) shared another version of the trailer on a Russian website.

The band has also tweeted, “Stay tuned for Infinite Content‘, which is reportedly the name of their next album, a follow-up to their 2013 Reflektor. The band is also streaming from Death Valley. The stream started in darkness with ‘Everything Now‘ at the bottom. Different languages then appeared with the same phrase. As the sun began to rise, it showed the backdrop of the mountains and it became apparent that the words were being shown on a billboard with a picture of the mountains behind. The word ‘live’ at the top of the screen sporadically changes to ‘lie’ and interference has been appearing at the bottom of the screen. Watch it here.

The Candian band has now signed a two album deal with Columbia but the terms of the deal are currently unknown. The band has left their previous label, Merge Records, who they have used for all of their previous albums.

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