Azealia Banks to attend anger management classes to avoid jail time

Azealia Banks will reportedly avoid jail time by agreeing to attend anger management classes after her December 2015 boob biting incident.

The plea deal took place this week where the rapper was charged with misdemeanour assault and attempted assault charges after allegedly biting the breast of a nightclub security guard. The jury selection was set to begin yesterday but Banks accepted an offer from the prosecutors where she agreed to take anger management classes.

As well as attending anger management classes Azealia Banks has promised to provide the judge with regular updates and avoid further legal trouble. On completion of her anger management course (without incident) Banks’ charge will be reduced from third-degree assault to disorderly conduct. Failure to comply with these rules will result in Banks facing one year in jail.

After missing a recently scheduled hearing the judge was forced to issue a warrant on the Harlem rapper. Banks had apparently been in France for Paris Fashion Week and was unable to attend the hearing. The warrant was retracted after she appeared in court the next day.

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