Best music albums in 2021

Even though the entertainment industry is keeping up with all the latest technological trends, people still find fun and enjoyment from the same things as they have over the past couple of decades. So, maybe today some people prefer a $10 deposit casino Australia with great bonus promotions over land-based casinos, but the bottom line is that we all still enjoy casino games. And the same applies to music. Perhaps the genres have changed a bit and some new technologies are used to reach the latest song, but we all still enjoy listening to it. 


2021 has been very generous in terms of good music albums. So if you’re looking for something cool to listen to while you’re playing the best paying online pokies with a high payout rate, then stick until the end of this article. Here, we’ll go over the best music album in 2021 that you absolutely need to listen to.

Sour – Olivia Rodrigo

If you like listening to music in casino or on the radio, you will definitely like the latest album “Sour” by Olivia Rodrigo. And especially if you’re in a romantic mood. Unlike most artists, Olivia deals with her heartbreak with uniqueness and grace. Although most people from the music industry thought that Rodrigo would be a one-hit-wonder, she proved them wrong. Some of the best songs on this album that you need to put on your playlist are:


  • Brutal
  • Traitor
  • Drivers license
  • 1 step forward, 3 steps back
  • Deja vu


Revelación – Selena Gomez

Even though the music in online games has become a new standard for upbeat and popular music, some artists still decide to do things their own way. The album “Revelación” isn’t Selena Gomez’s first try at recording songs in Spanish. Almost 10 years ago, she made Spanish versions of her greatest hits. The most popular song on this album is “Taki Taki” and if you haven’t heard it before, make sure to do it as soon as possible. 

Not Your Muse – Celeste

If you want to make yourself known then your debut must be memorable. Just like the developers of the best online slots invest a lot of time and money for the sound of their new game, so do the producers of a new star like Celeste take it slow when it comes to her debut album. Her first single called “Daydreaming” was released in 2016. And ever since then the fans have been eager to hear more from the incredible Celeste. A lot of critics compare her work to Adele’s and with her album “Not Your Muse” she delivered everything that music fans have been hoping for. 

Second Line – Dawn Richard

The two-decade-long career of Dawn Richard has taken this R&B artist in several directions. Her album called “Second Line” has finally been released and it sounds pretty amazing. This album carries a lot of her experience from the music world and the fans were fast to recognize that. Much of the songs from “Second Line” have a house and electronic vibe that brings a special energy to the entire album.