Carter Brady Takes You Through The Recording Session Of ‘Chasing Vampires (Unplugged)’ In New Music Video

New York-based indie musician and singer-songwriter Carter Brady takes us behind the recording process in his new music video for ‘Chasing Vampires (Unplugged).’ The live footage of Carter in the recording studio gives it that real-time, raw feel to it. The song itself is predominantly indie-focused with a mix of sounds from the ’90s, heavily influenced by The Oasis, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and Cage The Elephants. Brady delivers a warm, sweet tone, paired with enchanting lyrics such as, ‘Now I know why I’ve been funny about you/It’s crazy that they would wait so long to tell you.’ The acoustic guitar and soft keys bring out a more mellow tune than the original version of ‘Chasing Vampires.’ Carter shares, “I think that having multiple versions of a song is a cool concept and gives people a chance to hear something in a more fragile and stripped-down state, often giving them more ways to like a song.” Click here to watch ‘Chasing Vampires (Unplugged).’