Coke Beats Returns With Dance-floor EP ‘Techno Is A State of Mind’

Coke Beats (2021) - Photo by Dario Rodighiero

From busking in the streets of NY in the late ‘90s to building a massive career for himself over the span of more than two decades, Coke Beats is widely considered one of the legends in the scene. Having toured all around the world, on top of collaborating and producing tracks with everyone from Cash Money Records, Famous Dex, and Sean Kingston to LL Cool J, Lil Tjay, and many more, Coke Beats has an impressive list of achievements under its belt and is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Recorded in Denmark, Netherlands, UK, Germany, and Ireland, the EP is an introspective journey in the post-COVID European techno and rave scene.

The 25 minutes video diary named after the album is a collage of memories and moments on the road, a monologue about the struggle and challenges of being a music producer and live performer between lockdowns, travel restrictions, and social anxiety. The live minimal techno jams “Quiet Your Mind” and “Boötes Void” (named after the giant hole in the universe, sometimes also called “The Great Nothing”) are more quiet and reflective sides of the EP, opposite to the rave live set bangers “Techno Jam #1” and “Techno Jam #2”.

Distributed by The Orchard
Management: Hit Songs Group DBA
A&R: Leeth Reza for Late Hours SE