Dario Rodighiero tributes Star Wars with Marty Sliwinski’s “THE FAIR TRADE” official soundtrack

Dario Rodighiero

2022 awarded “THE FAIR TRADE: A STAR WARS FAN FILM” by Marty Sliwinski, music by Dario Rodighiero also received an honorable mention for “best original score” from Hollywood Gold Awards.

The latest music theme by the acclaimed film composer, pianist, and arranger Dario Rodighiero is a nostalgic journey to the 77’s “A New Hope” feeling. The story of this STAR WARS Fan Film is placed on Tatooine. R2-D2 must locate an Imperial artifact, and C3PO must deal with the identity crisis while the Jawas and the Empire lurk nearby…

Written and directed by Marty Sliwinski and produced by Lunaris Maar Films, this awarded movie is scored with a soundtrack inspired by the style of the Star Wars saga. The music was recently mentioned by the Hollywood Gold Awards festival as “best original score.” This successful composer-director match will see future collaborations for the following Marty’s works.

 As Dario said in an interview, “It’s been a great journey, composing the music for this film and working with Marty. I’m a huge fan of John Williams and his work for Star Wars, I tried my best to keep that type of mood for this short, and we’re all happy for this result.

A versatile musician is a Milan-born, Dublin-dwelling improviser, pianist, keyboardist, and composer Dario Rodighiero. He’s currently working on several music projects for TV shows, films, games, live shows, and albums that will be produced this year.