Elderly lady kicks off Soho street party busting out Daft Punk moves

An elderly lady was the unlikely catalyst in getting a Soho street party started over the weekend, as she busted out some choice moves to a blaring Daft Punk soundtrack.

The lady was walking her terrier on Ganton Street and donning a classic purple anorak and beanie combo. Hearing the pulsing beat of Around The World blaring out of the ether, she threw a slew of killer shapes as revellers joined her on the makeshift dance floor… and she didn’t let go of the dog’s lead once.

Watch the video below:

Rock duo Royal Blood recently divulged their latest single Lights Out’ was inspired by the French dance legends. Speaking to NME, frontman Mike Kerr said: “We were going for a Daft Punk thing quite a lot and trying to fuck with the rock thing, I guess… What would Daft Punk do if they wrote a rock tune?

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