JME responds to Daily Mail's slanderous article

JME responds to Daily Mail’s slanderous article

JME has responded to The Daily Mail following a story they ran including a series of tweets from the Grime MC’s account which dated back to 2010.

Last week the grime scene veteran met up with Labour party leader Jeremy Corbin to discuss politics, music and why he thinks young people don’t vote.

Published online yesterday (16th May), The Daily Mail’s article highlighted a number of Twitter posts made by JME that included phrases “fuck the Queen” and “bomb the White House“. The article also included two highly offensive posts that included a retweet of a joke about Jewish people and a joke about rape. The report also went on to suggest that Corbyn “faces embarrassment” due to the rapper’s tweets.

Following The Mail’s publication the Boy Better Know artist took to Twitter to defend himself posting screenshots of the full timeline of the series of events. The screenshots shed light on the wider context behind the White House and Queen tweets and also explained that the rape joke was a quote taken from comedian Jimmy Carr. See the full tweets below.

One of JME’s deleted tweets read:

The retweet, was a series of “sweating more than” hashtags, which played on Jewish being rich. I still don’t get the anti semite part???

— Jme (@JmeBBK) May 17, 2017

JME concluded his Twitter rant by stating; “I’m not a celebrity, or an antisemite, or a rapper. I know you already know, but just in case. Back to the task at hand. Register to vote.

Posting on Twitter again yesterday, JME reiterated that the focus of his meeting with Corbin was part of his goal to “to get future adults registered to vote.

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