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Ksenia breaks top 50 in iTune’s pop charts

Since the summer of 2019, Russian-born singer, Ksenia, has been releasing a steady trickle of singles characterized by catchy songwriting and endless fun. Each track so far has done an incredible job of expressing how Ksenia feels about certain aspects of our culture like with her last single, “Like It Or Not” or with difficult relationships like “Let Somebody Love Your” or “Keep Walking.”

Her latest single, “Fire with Fire,” takes a more somber turn and it feels like everything is coming to a head as she talks about an unhealthy relationship blowing up in the couple’s face. The story, while morbid, is undeniably engaging to follow along with. Ksenia has packaged this material in such a way to make it easily digestible without holding back any punches. It’s a difficult balancing act but she pulls it off perfectly here.

“In a world where emotional unavailability reigns high and commitment is a thing of the past, we tend to settle for relationships that are unhealthy and unfulfilling. Social Media has heightened this behavior by romanticizing fuckboys and glorifying narcissists. Perhaps one of the reasons guys treat us poorly is because we let them. My song, ‘Fire with Fire’ is about revenge and not being okay with half-baked romance.”

The range and dynamic sections throughout the track show off her raw talent while giving the song a genuine feeling of progression, which in and of itself makes it stand out on a playlist as something more than just another single.

The track has done immensely well so far, quickly breaking the top 50 in iTunes’s Pop charts. Furthermore, Ksenia recently featured on a billboard in Times Square, NYC. With her current trajectory set to reach meteoric levels, Ksenia’s future burns brightly through her latest single’s strong momentum. “Fire with Fire” is available for streaming worldwide!

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