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Lil Xan admitted to rehab for substance abuse

Lil Xan has checked himself into rehab, in an attempt to kick his addiction to opioids.

TMZ reported that the 22-year-old rapper, whose stage name comes from the prescription drug Xanax, was inspired to seek out treatment following the opioid-related deaths of his idols Mac Miller and Lil Peep.

Lil Xan, real name Diego Leanos, has been open about his problems with opioid and benzodiazepine addiction, saying in an interview earlier this year: “In the beginning of 2017 I had my own demons with the drug Xanax, It got out of hand so I wanted to make a movement, Xanarchy, about just nothing but anti-Xan use and that’s what I’m really trying to promote in ‘Betrayed.’

“I really don’t agree with glorifying the drug at this point, especially in light of Lil Peep’s death. You’d be stupid to keep glorifying it.”
Lil Xan made headlines earlier this year when he was hospitalised after consuming too many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.
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