Nuela Charles shares her deeply personal self-titled new album

Following on from the enormous reception to her previously unveiled LP ‘Melt’ in 2019, 3x Juno Award-winner Nuela Charles has now returned to deliver her powerful self-titled new album.

Choosing to self-title this new release, ‘Nuela Charles’ marks her most deeply and decidedly personal work to date. Featuring the previously shared anthem ‘Top Of The World’, and highlighted with the buoyant new single ‘Heavy’, she has returned in ambitious form as her sweet and supple voice rides across a fresh and textured production that invites a diverse array of aesthetics throughout.

Speaking about the new record, she said, “When I approach an album I want it to be a complete body of work. Everyone, especially recently, has needed affirmation, to be proud of my accomplishments, instead of letting the inside or outside voices deter me or try to convince me otherwise.”

Produced alongside Parad, the new offering ‘Heavy’ marks one of the most vital moments on the new release as she lets her inner voice shine through, and unveil a wonderfully tender and passionate moment for us all to absorb.

Adding about ‘Heavy’, “‘Heavy’ like most of the songs on the album, started out as a voice memo. This time I was staying at my grandparents' horse farm. I was in my room in the basement just thinking about certain situations in my life and even though they felt like I’d never get through them, something in my head just said – it’s gonna get heavy sometimes, but then we’ll get to the good part. I quickly looped a 4 chord piano progression on my laptop and the rest flowed out. I actually think this was one of the first ones I brought to Matt (Parad) at the beginning of summer 2021 when we started working on this project, and it really fueled the rest of the songs, and the direction of the rest of the songs.

“I hope this song brings people comfort or some sort of re-affirmation that even when they’re going through the thick of it, that there’s hope, and things will get better eventually.”

Nuela Charles’ new self-titled album is available to stream everywhere now. Enjoy it below.