Performance artist Dolly Bing Bing reveals ‘Kusje’

Performance artist DOLLY BING BING has revealed a new song and video ‘Kusje’. The explosive pop track was written by Dolly in collaboration with New York producer ABSRDST.

“‘Kusje’ is about online love and how to make the fantasies on the screen and the pleasures in the phone come true” explains DOLLY “based on my own real experience of taking a plane across the world to reach a lover.” The video introduces the viewer to DOLLY’s futuristic ‘Battle Angel World’, inspired by the dystopian universes of Mad Max and Tank Girl. We meet a sword-wielding DOLLY in a post-apocalyptic (post-corona) world, where only the most flamboyant creatures have survived. “They are the new diamonds to shine between dust, waste, scrap and the ruins of a lost society” says DOLLY, “They are the creatures of hope, breaking with the rule of technology and industry, celebrating and battling for the beauty of the sexual, physical, colorful and queer.”

The video feels especially poignant right now, as DOLLY explains: “In the light of the current ‘Corona-pocalypse’ and lockdown-crisis, the video shows how, after the end of the old mechanism and the (maybe desired?) destruction of an already sick world, brilliant diamonds are still dancing and shimmering between the wreckage in the wasteland. They are like swords: they get stronger in the purge of the fire. Nothing is lost by the fall of a civilization and the death of its capitalist ratrace routines: more freedom is gained for what already escaped its suffocating loop-holes.”

To celebrate the release of ‘Kusje’, DOLLY has created a very limited edition t-shirt, as well as  DOLLY face-mask, which are available on her website