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PETA is asking Big Boi to donate his Super Bowl fur coat

On Sunday, Outkast’s Big Boi hit the Super Bowl halftime stage in a huge fur coat – and one animal rights organisation wasn’t too pleased about it.

PETA penned a letter on Monday (4th February) to the rapper, requesting that he donate the garment to the animal rights organisation’s own fur donation program which has already received donations from Mary Tyler Moore, Mariah Carey, and Sharon Osbourne.

The letter, which has been obtained by TMZ, reads: “Our hearts sank when you took the stage during the Super Bowl in a fur coat. You have many, many fans here at PETA and around the country who love your music, and were thrilled when it was announced you’d be involved in the halftime show,

“Can we please convince you to make that your last appearance in a fur coat?”

As for the fur itself, which PETA suspect to be made of fox, the organization suggested donating the fur to refugee camps and homeless shelters.

Furthermore, PETA promised to send Big Boi a “gorgeous” faux fur coat as a replacement – read the full letter here.

PETA had a less mild-mannered approach to the issue on Twitter, writing: “If animals have to be murdered for your coat, just choose something else for fox sake” and “Hey, @BigBoi! The way you move is horrifying when animals have to DIE for your outfit.”

Big Boi is yet to respond to PETA offer of a new winter warmer.

Photo via AP/Mark Humphrey

Madeleine Dunne

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