Serena Deena’s “Cali Love (Coke Beats Remix)” candidate for a Grammy Award Nomination

Serena Deena and Coke Beats

2021 has been a very productive year for Italian music producer and DJ “Coke Beats.” As an Italian underground DJ, Coke Beats has been busy working on a 25 minutes documentary on his techno music live sets in the European rave scene. The documentary, called “Techno is a State of Mind,” is one of the several international projects that have seen Coke Beats involved both as producer and solo artist.

Coke Beats has been collaborating with Cyprus-based pop singer/entrepreneur Serena Deena for some time. Following the success of the 2020 TikTok Global charting remix, “I Will” (622 million views and more than 200 million video shares on TikTok), Coke Beats released another “TikTok remix,” this time re-arranging Serena Deena’s 2020 summer pop anthem “Cali Love.”

Cali Love (Coke Beats Remix)” is an Avant-guard pop song, with drum’n’bass grooves and a strong influence from artists like Sleigh Bells, Charli XCX, and the latest SOPHIE. The song’s cartoonish 3 minutes promo video is a Gen-Z friendly collage of Serena Deena dancing to her music wearing a pink ballerina outfit while surrounded by TikTok filtered animations.

Serena Deena’s “Cali Love (Coke Beats Remix)” is currently a candidate for a Grammy Award Nomination for Best Remixed Recording.