Skepta has responded to praise from Liam Gallagher

Skepta has responded to praise from Liam Gallagher

Skepta has responded the following praise from Liam Gallagher after he spoke out for the grime star.

The former Oasis frontman spoke out in a tweet voicing his respect for Skepta and the grime scene. Liam Gallagher tweeted: “Man like Skepta keeping it real. Got to stand for something.” See the full tweet below.

Speaking to NME at the Ivor Novello Awards in London where Skepta won Songwriter Of The Year, the rapper returned his respects stating: “I feel like the Earth is a re-print of a re-print of a print of a re-print. There are people who take on different objectives and missions in life. When you grow older, there’s a void – and right now I’m filling a space where a lot of old rock, grime, hip-hop, punk artists left a vacant space. Everything has gone about the internet, everything has gone about the likes, everything has gone about social networking. I still have that…I can’t even put my finger on it, but I still have it.

The grime scene hero followed on to say: “I like that these places I’m taking of the people that I respect and these people before me…Of course, they’re respecting – they’re in touch. Liam’s in touch, bro. You can see. Not everybody really knows what’s happening. It’s a presence, it’s apparent, I’m here. You can see it in their eyes, you can see it in Bowie’s eyes when he takes a photo, rest in peace. There are so many of them.

He continued: “We get it, and when we see people who get it, we know that they get it as well. I’m happy that I represent that. Thanks to my mum and dad for giving me the right tools of life to get to this point.

Boy Better Know will take over the O2 arena and complex on August 27 for what has been described as a “day of music, film, gaming, sport, food and London lifestyle”. Tickets are available here.

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