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Skunk Anansie frontwoman Skin was almost eaten by a pack of hyenas while on holiday

Lead singer of Skunk Anansie, Skin, has revealed she was almost eaten alive by a pack of baby hyenas.

In an interview with The Sunday Times over the weekend, Skin, real name Deborah Dyer, revealed that the ordeal took place while visiting a refuge for wild animals in Namibia in 1999. She recalled: “I was attacked by baby hyenas at a refuge for wild animals. I was near a watering hole and a baby came up to me. Before long, I was surrounded by eight of them.

“One got hold of my ankle and I fell over. They obviously thought I looked tasty. The staff were screaming and thrashing them out of the way.”

Thankfully, Skin made a lucky escape, although she revealed this wasn’t the end of her holidaying woes. On a trip to Ibiza, she found herself surrounded by a pack of a different kind.

While walking along a beach she spotted people dashing into nearby bushes. Intrigued, she went to “go and have a look.” What she found came as a surprise: “There was a full-on orgy happening. A guy tapped me on the shoulder and I realised I was in the queue! Never again will I wander into the bushes.”

Skin rounded off her holiday-from-hell moments with a story about almost drowning while celebrating Christmas and the millennium in New Zealand.

“My friend and I went trekking and came across a restaurant in the rainforest. We managed to get a proper Christmas dinner – and got drunk. When we got back to the beach, we were cut off by the tide and had to swim under the moonlight to get back. My friend was terrified.”

The collection of stories from Skin come after she hit the headlines last month when she took to social media to correct Stormzy and his claim on Twitter that he was thefirst black artist to headline Glastonbury.”

Skin responded to the tweet from Stormzy saying she had, in fact, pipped him to the post, having headlined Glastonbury with her band, Skunk Anansie, 20 years earlier in 1999.

Stormzy subsequently apologised for his faux pas, insisting no disrespect was intended and offered a “massive salute” to her.

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