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The Walmart kid meme has increased Hank Williams streams by 2452%

This week the internet was set ablaze by a yodelling kid in Walmart called Mason Ramsey. Now, the almost 70-year-old song the youngster was performing (Hank Williams’Lovesick Blues‘) has sky-rocketed in online streams.

Since 10-year-old Mason’s performance went viral, garnering tens of millions of streams online, the original version of ‘Lovesick Blues‘ has seen a 2452% increase in Spotify streams and is now on the platforms Global Viral 50 Chart alongside artists like The Weeknd, Cardi B and more. Check out both the songs below.

In addition to the relentless memes and hilarious parodies, there has also been an EDM remix of Mason which have over 2 million views on Soundcloud doing the rounds.

Now, all we can do is wait in anticipation for Mason Ramsey’s next cover.

James Cooke

James has worked on the production side of the music industry for many years gaining releases on a number of record labels around the globe. Alongside James’ personal music projects he has trained as an illustrator, designer and a creative marketer. Taking on the role of marketing/editorial assistant at Music Crowns, James spends his days covering new and underground music creating content for our audiences through well thought out reviews and features.

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