Thom Yorke performs 'Gasolina' on stage

Thom Yorke performs ‘Gasolina’ on stage

Back in 2004 Daddy Yankee hit the sweet spot with his track ‘Gasolina’, introducing the pop music world to the genre of Reggaeton. You may remember the classic Latin and Caribbean infused track and it has received a handful of covers over the years even with Lil Jon putting his own spin on it. Thom Yorke taking to the stage and playing ‘Gasolina’, though, I think we can safely say is something nobody predicted.

That’s because it didn’t actually happen. Some clever-clogs has merged live audio from Daddy Yankee with footage of Radiohead performing ‘Myxomatosis’, and due to the energetic nature of Thom Yorke it actually pairs surprisingly well.

This follows news that the band have been facing controversy for their upcoming show in Israel. There’s been requests that the band cancel their gig in Tel Aviv with a letter saying, “please do what artists did in South Africa’s era of oppression: stay away, until apartheid is over“. Keep an eye out for any future news regarding this.

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