Vanic and CRÉME unite for impactful, alternative bass record ‘What Did I Do’

Teaming up for a collaboration of massive proportions, Vanic and CRÉME have just retuned to tastemaker label CloudKid to unveil “What Did I Do.” A truly mesmerizing record that masterfully brings the two artists’ auditory worlds together, “What Did I Do” is a powerful crossover between high energy pop and electronic dance, while delivering a deeply personal story.

“The song’s euphoric drop pushes it in new and unforgettable direction. It’s vicious and hard-hitting, where the main character of the song finds herself asking, “what did I do” to deserve this? In it, she describes why she no longer feels love or loved in this personal confession expressing confusion, frustration and betrayal,” explained CRÉME in a press statement.

Juxtaposing infectious indie-pop sections with explosive climaxes, “What Did I Do” finds Vanic taking inspiration from his older sound, with CRÉME’s infectious vocal delivery sitting like a cherry on top of the energetic production.

Vanic is still buzzing off his recent Silent Child collaboration, “Have My Back,” as well as his massive 2021 debut album ‘Here & Now,’ where he celebrated the sentiment of being present in the moment. CRÉME, on the other hand, has also had a colossal 2022 so far with numerous high-profile collaborations and label releases. Raised in NYC, she has been using music as a coping medicine throughout her life, authentically channeling her inner feelings and thoughts into passionate songwriting and productions.