Yoko Ono forces “John Lemon” soft drink company to change its name

Yoko Ono, the widow of iconic Beatle John Lennon, is taking legal action against a Polish drinks company with the name “John Lemon“.

Ono alleged that the company’s name infringes the trademark of her late husband’s name and personal rights. Lawyers have also warned the company that damages could be claimed in the range of €5,000 (£4,400) a day and €500 for every bottle sold.

The company, who set up five years ago, have agreed to change their name from “John Lemon” to “On Lemon“. Although the beverage company denied the claims Ono’s lawyers referenced a Facebook post when the brand’s Ireland branch created a large wall mural of Lennon holding lemons with the company’s logo underneath.

Other advertisements have used Lennon’s signature round sunglasses and the phrase “Let It Be“. “John Lemon” has been given until the end of October to sell up the last of its stock.