Country Powerhouse Curtis Braly Brings His Latest Single to Life with Beautiful New Video

With the release of his brand new single “Happy When You’re Sad” earlier this month, country artist Curtis Braly reveals a tender and heartbreaking side of his artistry, calling attention to the toxic relationships that many know too well.  Today, he adds a compelling yet somber visual component to the tune further adding to the heart-wrenching story within the lyrics.

Premiering exclusively with Music Crowns today, the official music video for the single provides an emotional accompaniment to the pain-charged tune.  “I wanted to try something different than anything I’ve done with a music video before,” Braly shared with us. “So, I thought it would be cool to watch the story of the song come to life via dance; to see the hot & cold frustration play out in choreography.”  

The choreography elevates the video due in large part to the talented dancers that were cast – Aydin Eyikan and Brittany Willard.  “Aydin Eyikan is amazingly talented and well beyond his years. His technique is superb and you can feel all the emotions of the story he’s dancing to. He’s got a huge career ahead of him. His dance partner in this music video was Brittany Willard; another super-talented individual. There was an infectious chemistry between them that worked so well,” said Braly.  

Not only does the choreography fold in perfectly with the song, but it allows the viewer to connect on a deeper level with the lyrics, written by Tofer Brown and Will Bowen.  While watching, Braly hopes that viewers can take away an important message.  “It’s a simple take away really,” he says.  “To always choose you and make your own happiness a priority. Recognize when someone is not right for your own mental health.

Be one of the first to catch the brand new music video below!  

As Braly looks to close out another impressive year that he kicked off with the release of his previous single “That Should Be Me” there are many things to look forward to.  “I’ve recently been brought on as Creative Director and lead singer for a theatrical music show that is set to launch in 2022. We’ve already been in rehearsals. Super excited about that and can share more very soon.”  Additionally, a select group of fans are gearing up an exciting experience to hit the beach alongside the artist next month.  “The last big thing for the year is Caribbean with Curtis,” he shared. “It’s a vacation with fans to an all-inclusive resort in Riviera Maya. Always a fun time getting to know those who support my music on a more intimate level.

Surely, heading into the new year will bring nothing but new opportunities and higher heights of success for Curtis Braly.  His repertoire only grows stronger with each release and “Happy When Your Sad” may be the best yet.  Stream today and keep up with Curtis on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.