Dani Jack Releases Official Music Video for “Fun To Be Had” (Premiere)

Nashville-based artist, Dani Jack is ready to have some fun with the release of her new single Fun To Be Had.

I wrote this a couple of weeks before a big birthday where I was especially feeling that pressure to settle down and conform to a mold that everyone expected me to. When I sat down in the room to write with Stone Aielli and Hilary Billings about that pressure, I said, ‘There’s just too much fun to be had.’ We knew that was our song title, and we wrote an anthem for any woman following her own life path, whatever that may be.” explains Dani.

Exclusively via Music Crowns, we’re proud to premiere the official music video.

The country-blues singer, originally from Sparks, Nevada, moved to Nashville in 2016 and has been performing around the world, from Los Angeles to Haiti to China.

After the release of her debut single, Fallin’ For It, she gifted her fans with her highly anticipated debut EP titled, “Grace.”

Shortly after the release of her follow up single, “Dance,” she completed a 10-day, 9-city arena tour of which she opened up for Cirque Musica. She credits her musical influences as Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey.

To learn more about Dani Jack, visit her website www.danijack.com