Exclusive Premiere: Brenda Cay Releases New Single ‘Talk About Nothing’

If you’ve ever been in a relationship where you feel completely comfortable with your significant other and enjoy their company even when you’re doing nothing together, this song’s for you. Brenda Cay’s newest single ‘Talk About Nothing’ is sure to warm your heart with it’s heartfelt message about the importance of spending quality time together. Produced by Brian Brewer and Brenda herself, Brenda’s soft vocals articulate the delicateness of still being head over heels for her person after all of these years. Serenading audiences with verses that mention just how cherishable relationships can be, Brenda opens with ‘my guy’s the old fashioned kind / he still holds my door when we go out’. Following the first verse, the chorus accentuates her playful and romantic side, penning the lyrics ‘When we turn out the lights and kiss / He’s the one I wanna talk about nothing with’. The second verse provides more detail as to how they spend their free time together, whether that be ‘We repeat lines from a movie we’ve seen a hundred times’ and/or cheering on their favorite football team ‘when the back runs the ball to score’. Audiences are sure to not only appreciate Brenda’s vulnerability as a songwriter, but they will also connect with her as an artist. ‘Talk About Nothing’ reminds us that no matter how long you’ve been with your partner, even the mundane moments spent together make life exciting. You can connect with Brenda Cay at www.brendacay.com

‘Talk About Nothing’ Streaming & Download Link