Get to Know: Deep Black Sheeps Presents Cool Artists on Your Screen

Imagine the scene: camera approaching a fascinating place where you see a DJ playing… gradually the melody fills the screen in a fascinating and pleasant convergence between the visual and the musical. 

This is Quarantime Livestream, a project by the production company Deep Black Sheeps, from Rio de Janeiro, which aims to tell the story of amazing artists and places through the connection with music. These guys have done 27 shows since July 2020 and seven more scheduled until the end of September this year, the channel from producer Deep Black Sheeps has attracted audiences from all over the world.

In the Quarantime Livestream menu, several locations in Brazil and abroad; from Tinguá to Nuremberg; from Pirenópolis to Brussels; all served as a stage for artists such as Amare, from Belgium, and Stefanie Raschke from Germany, Ana Jones, Vallent and PZILIO, both from Brazil. Recently the project was featured on DJ Mag Brasil! Read here.

We are very happy with the feedbacks coming from all over the world“, said Felipe Mixo, executive producer of Deep Black Sheeps, to Music Crowns. “The best is yet to come

Deep Black Sheeps presents 3 different shows: QUARANTIME Livestream, DBS Premieres and INDOORS @deepblacksheeps. Next stop is London: DBS Premieres will broadcast Exoco on July 25th. Save it here. Not the first british to participate, as you can see in this show by Ioan, straight from Gloucester.



Another one was Laslo Jonas, who has recorded from his house in London.




Are you a DJ, music producer, manager, were you interested in participating? Deep Black Sheeps is receiving entries for future episodes, just send a direct on the company’s instagram here.


Last Quarantime was held at a viewpoint on the seafront in Rio de Janeiro. A historical place with arches and in the shape of a cave, located in São Conrado Beach. Invited DJs were Andreller, DSalles and Greco took a lot of house & progressive house during the 3 hours of performance in this spectacular place. Have fun: 




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DBS Premieres
Date: 07/25/21
Artist: Exoco (England)
Location: Central London, London (England)

DBS Premieres
Date: 08/15/21
Artist: Rafi Jerez (USA)
Location: Brooklyn, New York (USA)

DBS Premieres
Date: 08/29/21
Artist: DJ A.K (Lebanon)
Location: Aabadiyeh, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon

DBS Premieres
Date: 09/19/21
Artist: MSTARK (United States)
Location: Pacific Northwest, Bend, United States

QUARANTIME livestream
Date: 09/26/21
Artists: Alexiz BcX / Beholld (Brazil)
Location: Secret