Irish Musician Pio Hartnett Hits Thought Provoking Notes With Latest Single, Roses

Irish musician and producer Pio Hartnett is back with a brand new and deeply thoughtful track, Roses.

With a production that sounds like it was recorded in a pub with a live audience but with a quality of a top-end studio, Roses delivers a warm message with both its melodies and musical notes, as well as its thought-provoking and insightful lyrics.

Hartnett proves once again why he’s a force to be reckoned with in the local indie music scene, but the addition of violinist Neil Mather adds another dimension to a well-rounded track – bringing a certain freshness to Hartnett’s eclectic catalog.

Roses runs for almost-four minutes and features a build up into an upbeat track with an ensemble of acoustic guitars, violins, percussion and synth.

With Hartnett taking the lead on songwriting and production, Roses is a mere example of what the Irish musician is capable of.

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