Indie-pop artist Lux Beauregard releases haunting single ‘Mr. Jones’

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Lux Beauregard announces the release of her new follow-up single “Mr. Jones”, distributed by The Orchard.

Lux, a Kentucky native now residing in Nashville, TN, began writing music seriously while studying graphic design at Belmont University.

Since then, Lux has been testing the boundaries of the indie pop, chamber pop, and baroque pop genres, creating cinematic dreamscapes of lush, ethereal sounds and heart-wrenching lyrics. “Mr. Jones” is a poignant embodiment of these stylistic elements.

The new single is a portrait of someone haunted by a broken heart— the kind that set itself up to be broken by blatantly ignoring circumstance. It’s a love letter to a living ghost. It’s an admission of guilt and of hope beyond reason for that one person to walk back into your life,” explains Lux B.

You can preview the new single here.

Some of her favorite artists are Queen, Florence and the Machine, and The Neighbourhood, all credited with influencing Lux Beauregard’s signature sound. Sitting at the intersection between indie pop, chamber pop, and baroque pop, she describes her music as dreamlike and cinematic and loves a huge, lush, ethereal sound.

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