Music Crowns Exclusively Premieres Arrows New Single ‘Hello Cheater’ ft. The Lightyears Explode

Music Crowns exclusively premieres Arrows new single ‘Hello Cheater’ ft. Mumbai-based punk/rock band The Lightyears Explode. The in-your-face garage rock song is written from the perspective of one’s conscience addressing them after committing to an affair away from their significant other. Arrows says, “I’ve been a fan of The Lightyears Explode for 10 years, the guys are heroes of mine. So, when they agreed to work on this song with me I was ecstatic, really honored that they said yes. Working with them was a breeze and they definitely helped capture the sound and feel of the song. I’d totally work with them again in a heartbeat.”



‘Hello Cheater’ is a lively callout directed at a nameless, faceless cheater who needs to pay for their wicked ways. The track opens with driving electric guitar riffs and heavy drum hits that really color the rest of the song. The whole event really does feel like a damning declaration of intent–this cheater has done the narrator dirty and they aren’t putting up with it any longer. The chorus, “get out of my way/get out of my face/don’t care for your cheating ways” really hammers home the narrator’s resolution to be totally done with this devilish cheater. This track is definitely a must add for any breakup playlist. 

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