Nashville-based folk-rock duo Hamilton to release stunning debut EP ‘Down From The North’ (PREMIERE)

Down From The North, the latest EP by the dynamic duo known as Hamilton, set to be released on Friday, April 19th, 2024. The duo has crafted a stunning body of work, a true testament to their chemistry and skill as musicians.

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Originating from humble beginnings in Columbus, Ohio, the duo Hamilton, comprised of Janie and Austin, embarked on their musical journey shortly after college, initially gaining recognition through their covers on YouTube. With Austin’s formal education in music composition and a shared passion for crafting their own sounds, the duo relocated to Nashville to pursue their artistic ambitions. Their commitment to creating more substantial and cohesive works led them to focus on producing an EP, a format that allows for storytelling and thematic depth, albeit more manageable than a full album.

Inside the EP: Down From The North

This four-track EP is a carefully curated collection that reflects both personal growth and musical evolution:

  1. “Looks Like Rain”: The EP opens with a tribute to Bob Dylan, particularly influenced by his Rolling Thunder Revue period. The song captures the essence of Dylan’s stylistic approach and lyrical depth, setting a profound tone for the subsequent tracks.

  2. “What’s Left Of You”: Emerging from a creative spark, possibly from Austin on his acoustic guitar or Janie on her baritone ukulele, this song underwent transformative development. Inspired by The Beatles’ “I Me Mine,” Austin reimagined the song’s B section, playing with meter changes that enriched the track’s rhythmic complexity.

  3. “Moving On” stands out as a moody, jazz-infused blues piece inspired by Fiona Apple’s “Paper Bag.” It surprises with its Latin percussion rhythms and dense harmonies, marking a bold departure from the EP’s earlier themes.

  4. “Anna Lee”: The final ballad is born from a guitar piece Austin had nurtured for almost a year. When lyrics finally accompanied the melody, they spun a narrative of love in various forms—true, unrequited, or even an idealized adoration—wrapped in a powerful musical delivery.

The duo’s upcoming performance at the renowned Nashville City Winery for their EP release show on the 21st of April will be a landmark event for Janie and Austin as they transition from performing under their individual names to uniting under the band name “Hamilton.” This change coincides with their personal life, as they are set to get married this June and continue their musical journey as a married duo. Their diverse backgrounds—Janie’s classical training and Austin’s rock and jazz influences — converge to form a unique sound that defies easy categorization.

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