Premiere: Carter Brady Releases His Second Studio Album ‘Blue Reverb’

If there’s any indie rock artist that can easily create a nostalgic 90’s vibe that makes you feel like you’re traveling back in time, it’s Carter Brady. Former NY musician, singer and songwriter, Brady is now gracing the Nashville scene and bringing unique alternative flare to country music city. Drawing lyrical and melodic inspiration from popular 90’s phenomenons like Nirvana, Radiohead and Pearl Jam, Brady’s latest and second studio album, ‘Blue Reverb’, puts a unique twist on the indie rock sound. This project perfectly displays Brady’s undeniable talent and ear for cohesive production flares that transform the audience’s listening into a heightened experience that will make you wanna roll the windows down in the car and scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs.



With the past year we’ve all had, ‘Blue Reverb’ doesn’t fall short of conveying that we are on the right track back to “happier times” with the combination of electric guitar and drums rounding out an electric, ever so familiar punk/rock vibe. The addition of vocal effects like echo and reverb are stylistic touches that transform throughout the transition of each song into the next. Lyrically, Brady’s honesty, vulnerability and thorough self reflection stand out from the crowd because of their direct reflection of the thoughts that are in his head.

Titles such as ‘I Was But Innocent’, ‘Amatuer’, and ‘Running Out Of Time’ can be creatively interpreted as Brady’s internal struggle with the pressures and time constraints of being young and the responsibilities taken on as an up and coming artist in the music industry. The importance of the message this album conveys is that it is cohesively relatable amongst a vast variety of audiences of all ages. Conclusively, ‘Blue Reverb’ speaks for itself in the sense that it makes a strong stylistic, lyrical and melodic statement of elements that other up and coming and mainstream artists alike can learn from.

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