Premiere: Country Singer Vin Anthony Releases Music Video ‘My Everything’

The newest release from Vin Anthony, ‘My Everything’ is a sweet homegrown type of love song. The music video will be released October 15th, 2021, which shows a bride and groom on their wedding day. The song captures the very essence of what true love sounds like. The song is available for streaming and download.

The single speaks in a language we can all relate to and believe because of its simple message: you are my everything. It starts off with a tender guitar intro. Soft strings combined with Anthony’s voice makes for a warmhearted reminder that love is gentle, kind, and endearing- just like the song itself. In the last chorus, Vin hits a key change that will spark your attention if you weren’t already entrenched in the beautiful instrumentation.  The authenticity of his tracks is one of Vin Anthony’s stronger songwriting traits. He leaves us feeling content and warm with the sincere last line: “More than anything, you are my everything.”

Production: J4 (NASHVILLE)