PREMIERE: Davey Long – Last Train to Tupelo

“Last Train to Tupelo” revels in Davey Long’s uncanny ability to craft a narrative that touches the very soul.
The Americana is strong with Davey Long’s celebratory “Last Train to Tupelo”. A rollicking good time, Davey make sure that every detail matters for there is a carefree attitude that leads the song forward. Country rock, the blues, and of course Americana all enter into the fray resulting in a sound that feels alive. By focusing on the wide-open spaces that truly define what it means to be in America the whole of the work has an inspirational quality to it. Usage of geography ensures that there is a true sense of place about it. Instrumentally vibrant the interplay of all the players ensures that the blues, big aspect of it is in full view. Volume is a given for the song has a physicality to it as there is a wildness to it. All of it has a warm, welcoming presence to it.
No time is wasted for they rush out of the gate with a tremendous energy. His voice rests above the whole of the work, for it seemingly soar up into the big sky country he celebrates. Allowing these many elements to intermingle, woven together in a way that feels so visceral the song has a graciousness to it, even cinematic at times. So much color is imbued within it that it has a summery quality about it. Building up ever larger, the piece has a spectacular quality to it.
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