Premiere: Emily-Rose and the Wild Things shimmer on visuals for ‘Golden Light’

One of the most fearless creative pioneers coming out from the Australian music scene, Emily-Rose and the Wild Things premiere their stunning visuals for ‘Golden Light’ today.

Glowing and omitting natural light, the video was filmed and directed by front-woman Emily-Rose. The video sees her beautifully capturing her band members through paintings with the light that shines through her room. The “Golden Light” that omits into her space is what inspired the single.

The song itself has an organic flow of neo-soul and funk, accompanied by some seriously smooth vocals from Emily-Rose and guest vocalist Ofri Einav. The cascading violin and double bass in the bridge section are highlighted in a beautiful shadow play in the video. The track ends with a reprise of the main song, this time intimately sung with soulful guitar backing.

 ‘Golden Light’ is a warm hug of expansive proportions. Over the course of the single, the band’s impressive dexterity of sound evolve and transform in the visuals from playful characters in pictures to mystical shadow musicians.

Following on from the electric and more rhythmic method of ‘Complete as One,’ ‘Golden Light,’ is a laid-back funk influenced tune, with a window into the jazz and folk world and has already appreciated spins on Triple J, FBI and Eastside radios.

“Every evening at the golden hour, I am blessed with my room, the garden and an array of objects through the house being awash with light from a glorious sunset. It is a magical few moments of the day, when the light filling your eyes also caresses your skin and spreads a certain warmth and calm through your mind,” said Emily-Rose.

“It is this light that announces the arrival of the night with all it’s creative energy and the same light that wakes us in the morning to gently encourage us to appreciate the new day. I am always in awe at this phenomenon. ‘Golden Light’ began as a poetic arrangement of words that I sent to a friend who was on a hitchhiking adventure. He voice messaged back a dreamy melody which became the first strains of this song,”

Her upcoming album ‘Upon these Open Skins,’ is definitely one wild sonic ride to a very different musical landscape. Her previous single release with the band ‘Complete as One’ has received coverage from bloggers and taste-makers across the globe.

Watch the video below.