PREMIERE: John Trescott Luis dazzles with his infectious country rock sound in ‘Can’t Stay Here’

Today at Music Crowns we premiere the rising country-rock artist John Trescott Luis, on his brand new single ‘Can’t Stay Here’ out today.

‘Can’t Stay Here’ takes you into the heart of a bar, where people from different walks of life cross paths and where new connections are forged. It’s a song that speaks to those moments of exhilaration when you lock eyes with a stranger, sparking a sense of intrigue and possibility. With its memorable melodies and sing-along chorus lines, the track is a testament to John’s ability to create music that resonates deeply with audiences.

After a prolific 40-year career in television at the ABC TV Network, John decided to embark on a new journey—one filled with melodies, rhythms, and heartfelt lyrics. In just three years, his evolution from the world of television to the world of music has been nothing short of remarkable.

John’s inspiration for ‘Can’t Stay Here’ is rooted in the shared experiences we’ve all had while frequenting bars. He eloquently captures the essence of these gatherings where everyone is sizing each other up, and where taking a chance on meeting someone new requires a dash of courage.

As an artist, John Trescott Luis is carving out a unique path in the country music scene and beyond. ‘Can’t Stay Here’ is not just a treat for lovers of country music—it’s a showcase of an artist who is unearthing his remarkable talent, bringing a fresh perspective to the genre, and earning his place in the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.

Stream ‘Can’t Stay Here’ now: