PREMIERE: Katie Kittermaster – Good Liars

Katie Kittermaster is a singer / songwriter from Kent, England and is also a huge advocate of mental health care.

She regularly tour schools talking to students about her own personal battles with mental health and how she is overcoming that.

The lyrics she writes reflect her battles against mental health issues.

Katie has had a busy summer as she just finished four arena shows with Olly Murs and returns from Germany after appearing on a TV show that reached over a million viewers.

Katie has just released ‘Good Liars’, which she wrote with her friend Geth over Zoom.

The song thematically deals with pride and hiding how you’re feeling, a relationship where both parties are not ready to accept their faults so keep ‘dancing around’ the situation.

With pleasant melodies and beautiful vocals ‘Good Liars’ is a catchy and vibrant pop song for sure.