Premiere: Maggie Tra hypnotises with visuals for single ‘Brown Girl, Yellow Girl’

Eclectic producer hailing from Australia with Cambodian and Vietnamese roots Maggie Tra releases visuals for her thought provoking single ‘Brown Girl, Yellow Girl’.

Lost in the world with two identities, Maggie’s single ‘Brown Girl, Yellow Girl’ transcends her listeners to a vortex of her world.

“The single symbolises going round and round in my head about whether I identify as more Asian or more Australian. In the end, I accept that I am both and feel relieved to be accepted,”.

The hypnotising visuals was created by Vietnamese visual artist Jo Ngo.

The single is off her debut EP ‘U.L.A’ (U Look Asian) that released in September and has received ecstatic reviews from tastemakers around the globe. The ethereal/electronic EP has a vast variety of sounds compiled into it, alongside Khmer and Vietnamese language entangled between.

Preserving a strong presence within the world Maggie masterfully balances individuality and embraces the cultures she’s in. Allowing her to bridge the gap between Australia and Asia assisted by carefully curated DJ sets and production.

A weaver of musical fibres, her creations entwine melody, genres and tempos to create her own tapestries.


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