PREMIERE: Pilar Victoria Drops New Single “Headphones”

Emerging artist Pilar Victoria is ready to captivate hearts and souls with her latest release, “Headphones”. This upbeat yet melancholic love song takes listeners on a profound journey through the complexities of human emotion, showcasing the artist’s unparalleled talent and unwavering passion for music.

Hailing from Argentina and now calling Texas home, Pilar Victoria’s multicultural background infuses her music with a rich tapestry of influences. From the tender age of 11, she exhibited a profound affinity for music, crafting songs and mastering various instruments.

Pilar Victoria’s ascent to musical stardom reached new heights with the viral success of her song “Wilted Flower” on TikTok. This pivotal moment propelled her into the limelight, leading to a collaboration with Grammy-winning producer Rick Nowels under the esteemed label Platoon. Together, they created an EP that garnered critical acclaim, establishing Pilar as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Now, Pilar Victoria returns with “Headphones”, a soul-stirring composition co-written with Rick Nowels in the vibrant ambiance of Santa Monica. The song delicately intertwines melancholy undertones with infectious pop melodies, offering listeners a poignant reflection on love and loss. With lyrics like “Blocking out all the sound, we’ll put our headphones on”, Pilar invites us into her world, where music becomes a sanctuary amidst turmoil, a refuge from the cacophony of emotions.