PREMIERE: Pop Wallace – Noises Made Figuring Things Out

“Noises Made Figuring Things Out” revels in the confidence of Pop Wallace in creating hooks and grooves that linger on in the mind long after the tracks have ended.

A highly versatile mix, Pop Wallace crafts a true hybrid of an EP on the mellowed-out vibes of “Noises Made Figuring Things Out”. The honesty of these pieces, ranging from lo-fi hip-hop to house to trip-hop, feels profound lending these tracks a meditative beauty. Influences abound over the course of the EP, with Massive Attack, Sneaker Pimps, J Dilla, and even the old-school house spirit of DJ Sprinkles filtering into the fray. Production-wise, the sounds absolutely sparkle, for the attention to every snare and drop of the beat adding to the lush journey.

Woozy, off-kilter chords start things off on the true trip of “Resume” for Pop Wallace incorporates a bit of Mouse on Mars’ sound into his own, though his is a far catchier take. Lounge and electro merge on the multi-faceted “Waltz With Whoever”. Dusty beats underpin the undeniably chill “Serial Experiments” where notes of Boards of Canada can be heard. Flurries of melodies emerge with the hyperactivity of “S.D.S” as the samples are brought into the mix, cut like diamonds. On “Wet Whistle” there is a duality, one that at times veers towards the ambient, and on the other extreme, hyperactive beats that race on through. “Cold Summer” ends the EP on a reflective note, with the found sounds of rainy days adding to its rather elegiac tenor.

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